31 video-lessons to Raise, Graze, and Direct-Marketing Sheep for $480 each!

31 On-demand Classes, Available 24/7, with Unlimited Replay!


Raising Sheep for the First Time Can be Overwhelming

I provide instruction in 3 essential categories: Raising Sheep, Grazing Sheep, and Direct-Marketing Sheep. I teach teach in a language that is easy to understand and easy to apply. The marketing information I present is based on 19 years of professional marketing experience.

Here is what you receive:

  • Raising Sheep (12 Lessons)

In 11 video-lessons I teach you what is required to breed your ewe and raise healthy, marketable lambs. You will learn how to prepare your ewe for lambing, how to handle leading causes of death in sheep flocks, and how to raise a lamb through to 8 months (marketable age).

  • Grazing Sheep (9 Lessons)

In 9 video-lessons, I teach you how to setup your farm for sheep, including: how to install electric fencing, watering systems, and supplies necessary for daily paddock rotations for sheep. You will learn what type of fencing is best for sheep, how much it costs, what supplies are involved in setting up a rotational grazing system, and how to plot out a low cost watering system.

  • Marketing Sheep for $480 (10 Lessons)

In 10 video-lessons you will learn how to harness the power of internet marketing for your sheep farm. I share all of the tools and strategy I used to build a customer base for my sheep farm. These are the exact strategies I use to sell my sheep for $480 each!

BUY today and receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all current lessons and ongoing updates!

New lessons added regularly!

I am very sensitive to the needs of my students and constantly add new and relevant information to this video library. Buy today and receive lifetime access to the class library!

What You Can Expect:

  • Easy-to-use online learning platform (login details sent to email just minutes after purchase!).
  • Lifetime Access to current and newly added classes (Shepherdess Masterclass is updated regularly).
  • Student-only questions portal for 1-1 consult with me.

Here is What Students are Saying:

” The best consolidation of information about sheep.”

“This is the best consolidation of information about sheep that I have been able to find. This information is almost priceless when it comes to taking care of your flock!”

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“Packed with useful information”

“This workshop was packed with useful information and the accompanying e-book provides many links for videos and additional information. Very well done and definitely worth the price!

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“Very helpful for me having pictures and videos…”

“It was very helpful for me having pictures and videos of what going into labor looks like in sheep and knowing when to assist. It also is excellent that Grace gives us a list of things we will need raising sheep.”

Customer Name

“Clear and immediately useful”

“Excellent presentation. The information was clear and immediately useful to anyone raising sheep. The timeline for each week (worming, vaccinations, etc.) was very pertinent. Highly recommend!”

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“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.” Psalm 90:17

The Shepherdess Masterclass: 31 video-lessons for the beginner sheep farmer.

  • Raising Sheep 101 (12 Video-Lessons)

Beginner level education on what is required to breed your ewe and raise healthy, marketable lambs.

  • Grazing Sheep 101 (9 Video-Lessons)

How to setup your farm for sheep, including: how to install electric fencing, watering systems, and supplies necessary for daily paddock rotations for sheep.

  • How to Market Sheep for $480 (10 Video-Lessons)

Direct marketing tools to reach $480 per head, or $10/lb if you are selling meat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these live classes?

Ans: No, these are on-demand classes. You can learn as your schedule allows and replay each class as many times as you need. These classes are accessible 24/7, with lifetime access.

Q. Will these classes help me if I DO NOT have sheep yet?

Ans: YES. I strongly recommend that you invest in this education before buying sheep. It is is really the best (and most cost effective) strategy to know have solutions in advance… and that’s exactly what these classes equip you with… SOLUTIONS!

Q. I have owned sheep for a while, will these classes help me?

Ans: If you need help with any of the following, the answer is yes:
-Raising lambs to meet marketable standards.
-Streamlining your rotational grazing system for time efficiency and pasture improvement.
-Direct Marketing your lamb for $480 each.

Q.Do you offer a payment plan?

Ans: Yes, a payment plan is available in 4 monthly installments.

Earnings disclaimer:

Every effort is made to equip you with the tools and strategies you need to reach your financial goals. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn money using using these strategy and tools. God alone gives the increase. This education comes with no warranties or guarantees. By purchasing you agree that you understand this earnings disclaimer.

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